In this series of videos specifically for technicians and diagnosticians we cover the following topics:

  • HV Air-conditioning and heat pump system diagnostics and servicing, the relation between PTC heater and heat pump. 
  • LIN bus communication. 
  • Cooling and heating systems, levitating coolant pump diagnostics. 
  • Regenerative braking, 3 phase brake booster, and backup power supply. 
  • Wheel alignment and stability control. 
  • High voltage distribution and HV parts replacement.

Course Content

  • Chapter 1: HV Aircon and Heat Pump Technology (20 videos)
  • Chapter 2: PTC Heater and Cooling (4 videos)
  • Chapter 3: EV Wheel Alignment (20 videos)
  • Chapter 4: Stability Control (6 videos)
  • Chapter 5: Electronic Braking (7 videos)
  • Chapter 6: ABS and EPS Corrections (8 videos)
  • Chapter 7: HV J/B and PDM Internal Work (8 videos)
  • Chapter 8: Final Assessment (Exam- Multiple Choice Questions)
To enroll in this course             
Cost without the training manual: NZ $603.75+gst (NZ $694.31 incl)
Cost with the training manual (93-page colour printed): NZ $684.75+gst (NZ $787.46 incl). Overseas shipping will include other chargers.