EV training specifically for technicians and diagnosticians. In this practical training, you will get a solid understanding of maintenance, diagnostics, and repair. We cover the charging system, EVSEs, installations, charge costs, preserving battery quality, a brief look into battery technology and battery live data analyses, stranded EV recovery.

We also cover under EV maintenance; transmission, earth brush inspection, silica tyres, grip, tyre internal technology, brake system, filtration, LED lighting, PDM layout, and internal repairs, without the danger of exposure to high voltage. We compare the leaf spy data with factory scan tool data.

As part of this training, you can get involved with Live Q&A Sessions for questions, answers, and extra tuition. 

Course Content

  • Chapter 1: EV Terminology and Engineering Background (9 videos)
  • Chapter 2: EV Battery Test (2 videos)
  • Chapter 3: Engineering and Driving (5 videos)
  • Chapter 4: Charging Technology (7 videos)
  • Chapter 5: Flat Battery and Recovery (2 videos)
  • Chapter 6: Charge Costs and Techniques (7 videos)
  • Chapter 7: General Maintenance (8 videos)
  • Chapter 8: Distribution Box and High Voltage Component Maintenance (3 videos)
  • Chapter 9: Understanding Leaf Spy (2 videos)
  • Chapter 10: Final Assessment (Exam- Multiple Choice Questions)
To enroll in this course
Cost without the training manual: NZ $603.75+gst (NZ $694.31 incl)
Cost with the training manual (70-page colour printed): NZ $684.75+gst (NZ $787.46 incl). Overseas shipping will include other chargers.