Advanced Driver Assist Systems - European Vehicles, is a series of training videos where the ADAS systems on a European car are covered.

In this training you will learn about:

- Calibration of the front cameras (MFK), 360 degrees around view monitoring cameras (360 degrees) and front Radar Distronic (DTR).
- Simple on-road diagnostics and reporting.
- Testing the systems to check if calibration is performed correctly.

Course Content

  • Chapter 1: ADAS Multi-Function Camera Calibration - Series (9 videos)
  • Chapter 2: ADAS 360 Degree Camera | ARM - Series (5 videos)
  • Chapter 3: Distronic Front Radar Calibration (DTR) - Series (4 videos)
To enrol in this course
Cost without the training manual: NZ $315.00+gst (NZ $362.25 incl)
Cost with the training manual (91-page colour printed): NZ $355.00+gst (NZ $417.87 incl). Overseas shipping will include other chargers.